Most office workers understand that scanning involves the tedious steps of correctly inserting documents, scanning to a local folder, renaming documents, dragging them to the correct folder, and hoping that it all was done correctly.


Show them a better way - at a fraction of the cost of traditional document capture systems. Enjoy recurring revenue while being their scanning hero.

Scan to client's network / local folder
Scan to online storage
Auto-name documents
Auto-route to correct folder
Full text search
Easy installation
Powered by Grooper® Intelligent Document Processing



About the Technology

The Grooper Smart Scan Kiosk is a Canon Scanfront 400 network attached scanner that has been custom configured with Grooper software.

This software allows the scanner to interact with an on-prem installation of Grooper. Depending on client needs, this software is typically installed on a local desktop PC.

There are options available for cloud storage licensing, electronic content management, and business workflow solutions.

Your client's data will always remain in their infrastructure.

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